Transfer Portal: Who's leaving Illinois?

Discussion in 'Edgy's Lost His Mind Free Football Board' started by EdgyTim, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Hate posting this but I figured people will want to at least know who is leaving the state this fall.

    This post will NOT be made open to comments. I will ONLY post names who either openly declare it's intentions via social media and/or email or contact me or @EdgyTim on Twitter.

    Nazareth Academy:
    JJ McCarthy to IMG
    Landon Morris to Indiana
    Domenic Vircelli to Bishop Dowling Iowa
    Ryan Keeler to ???

    Montini Catholic
    OC Brett Kuczynski to New Smyrma Beach HS in Florida

    DL Ison Robinson Forst Wayne Indiana

    Check back for updates.
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