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  1. Bwm57

    Fitzgerald and the NFL

    Kelley School of Business is a lot higher at IU.
  2. Bwm57

    Fitzgerald and the NFL

    “If we made a point scale with AP Football Poll + USNews undergrad ranking, it would go like this: 1. Northwestern (10+9=19) 2. ND (5+19=24) 3. Florida (13+30=43) 4. Southern Cal (21+24=45) 5. UNC (18+28=46) 6. Georgia (7+47=54) 7. Ohio St (2+53=55) 8. Texas (19+42=61) 9. Texas A&M (4+66=70)...
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    Mookie Transfers Out of Trinity to Graduate Early
  4. Bwm57

    Mookie Transfers Out of Trinity to Graduate Early

    Maybe, he also doesn’t have Justin Fields throwing him the ball either.
  5. Bwm57

    Mookie Transfers Out of Trinity to Graduate Early

    Henning managed to hold his own, statistically, against all of these higher ranked guys this year though.
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    Playoff Bears

    With their recent history you think the league is going to do something special to help the Saints? And Tampa will be missing leading tackler Devin White because their game is on Saturday and not Sunday. So I guess the league likes New Orleans more than Tampa...
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    I was thinking the same thing when I saw that play. I’m not a big fan of a lot of the targeting calls I see, but that one could have left him in a wheelchair.
  8. Bwm57

    Fitzgerald and the NFL

    I like him...
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    Transfer Portal

    Some guy named Tim O’Halloran had this posted on his home page.
  10. Bwm57

    Fitzgerald and the NFL

    Don’t think he will leave NU. I do think he might negotiate some significant improvements to Ryan Field in the near future though.
  11. Bwm57

    Wichita State football documentary

    Amazing this and the Marshall crash occurred within months of each other.
  12. Bwm57

    Poll: Odds that we will play IHSA Football this spring?

    That doesn’t make the statement any less correct though.
  13. Bwm57

    Michael Love

    Well, if “he” ever changes his mind he would look good wearing Purple in Evanston.
  14. Bwm57

    Your fav IHSA state final game memories?

    Thought that second clip was going to be Carlson hitting Feussel in the championship game that year.
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    Nick Allegretti

    Robinson has been playing great!
  16. Bwm57

    Peter Skoronski

    He has been playing really well!
  17. Bwm57

    Q for the Board: Could this be the time for Private Schools to secede?

    I think there is a better chance than there ever has been.
  18. Bwm57

    Big 10 parents fighting back

    When you add in those up to age 24, should encompass most college players. The numbers become 291 Covid Related deaths out of 102,878,000 people for a .000002 death rate.