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    Dating by proxy

    I have a client in Houston that gives me Astros tickets. One time there was this girl in the suite that claimed she was married to Justin Verlander. I think she said her name was Kate. Pretty cute girl, but I didn’t believe her.
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    Most famous alums

    That's the story HRC wants you to believe...those in the know know that she transferred to MS when she lost the class president election her first three years at ME, but then lost at MS too.
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    From Loyola's Facebook Page

    Is that like getting 1.65 Oscars?
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    My forecast says Thunderstorms for Saturday now.

    If there's lightning, wouldn't that throw the entire game schedule off and could games get switched to Sunday? Otherwise, with lightning delays, 8A kickoff could be at 11 pm Saturday night.
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    MC vs. Naz

    No, no, no...Fake 23 Blast With A Backside George Reverse
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    Batavia @ Nazareth

    if the transfer market in football evolves in a manner similar to basketball, the transfer game can be relied upon to fill gaps, and Lovie had a lot of gaps. I’d like to see more Chicago area players at UI and I think that day is coming.
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    Batavia @ Nazareth

    Maybe those are 36 times, or maybe 37 times.
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    Batavia @ Nazareth

    That's what I thought...wasn't sure if it was the Hersey game.
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    Batavia @ Nazareth

    See post 94 on page 3.
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    Batavia @ Nazareth

    I thought he was the fastest, most elusive kid on the field last Saturday. Didn't he have a kickoff return TD last year vs Batavia?
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    Naz 14 TT 14 3q

    TT QB had a lot of success initially with roll outs and passes to the sideline. Once Naz took away the rollout, game changed. Naz had a lot of big plays on O. Strongs (RB) had a big game.
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    Naz 14 TT 14 3q

    That should be 2 q
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    Donny Navarro - Illini scholarship

    As a long time Illini sufferer, it’s nice to see actions like this one. Congrats to Donny, he’s made a nice contribution to this years success.
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    Best cheers

    Since the 4 syllable chants are so popular, just once I'd like to hear "That's what she said!" in response to "Over-rated" or "We can't hear you".
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    Funniest thing you have seen happen at a high school game

    Hillary actually attended what is now Maine East her first 3 years of HS. When she couldn’t get elected class president there, she transferred to Maine South. She couldn’t win the election there either.
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    Interesting word choice by the newscaster.