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    Best football / academic school combo

    Thought Ignatius would be higher
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    Best football / academic school combo

    And it’s the Home of.......
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    Best football / academic school combo

    Marist academic reputation has really gone through the roof the past decade and they have been outstanding in boys and girls sports.
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    Thank you IHSA!- Maybe not, JB says bball spring 21

    I’m lost on what’s going on!
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    Thank you IHSA!- Maybe not, JB says bball spring 21

    Really helps with the Spring Football season moving forward. Why though couldn’t they do this for football?
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    IHSA statement on basketball

    I believe high risk will stop AAU play
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    There is no questioning Izzy Martinez outstanding wrestling ability but he’s crazy. He was like that as a wrestler and as a coach. It wasn’t a question of if he was going to do something over the top, but rather when was he doing to do it.
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    Q of the Week: Odds of IHSA Football happening this spring?

    Covid isn’t going anywhere, even with a vaccine you can’t force people to get it. I recently had Covid. In my occupation it was bound to happen. I lost my sense of smell and I had the same symptoms of a bad cold for a couple days. That was it. I’m 49, I have high blood pressure, I work a high...
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    Q for the Board: Could this be the time for Private Schools to secede?

    MC did lose Ben because of his decision to enroll at Louisville early (he would have stayed if we had a fall season) but MC on a whole gained more students then they lost this year. I think going full time in school helped with the increase of transfers. They didn’t have a huge amount of in...
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    Trivia - 3 or more state football titles

    Says 12 next to MC, should be 13
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    What do you miss the most?

    Everything...even the things I never thought I’d miss, I miss.
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    The new E Learning

    Mount Carmel has been going full time in school since classes began in August. So far, so good.
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    So what’s the next move for IHSA football

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    TRO is denied in IHSA case

    We didn’t have a strong case. The argument we brought forward was easily defended. I said in an earlier post we were throwing crap at the wall and hoping it stuck. It didn’t.
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    Go White Sox!!!

    Ahhhh....good question not sure
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    Go White Sox!!!

    Correct, all games in Oakland. 3 days in a row, no rest days this series
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    Go White Sox!!!

    I hated that start. Not happy with Mazara production but Garcia hadn’t had an at bat in months. If Encarnacion plays anymore then a must have HR in this series Id fire him on the spot
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    Class action lawsuit now filed

    Lawsuit filed. Haven’t read it but not sure how much of a punch it will pack.
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    Go White Sox!!!

    Not in starting lineup today but on the roster...maybe a PH today if needed.
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    Go White Sox!!!

    I know it’s a High School Football board but it’s 2020 and some rules can be I need a break from Lawsuits, Covid and overweight Governors. Go Sox! Who’s your team?