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    IHSA statement on basketball

    Dictator Pritzker lost in court. Open your businesses!! I just want to post a list of restaurants that have publicly announced they are staying open and not following Dictator Pritzker's illegal order to close. PLEASE help these brave owners out. Addison: Amada’s - 340 W Lake St American Tap -...
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    today's pritzker PC

    It happened. Now I wonder if Ezike will let her daughter play. How can she be so hypocritical. Except JB is so power hungry I would bet he shuts down all schools shortly so they can't play.
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    Jim Labate back in around 04 went to Illinois.
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    IHSA statement on basketball

    No it won't. Teams will just play out of Indiana
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    Q for the Board: Could this be the time for Private Schools to secede?

    Why would they need to build an organization for a 1 year thing.
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    IHSA board 10/19 meeting

    Of course they are. Basketball rules CPS
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    IHSA board 10/19 meeting

    By Class ? Region ?
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    What would have been.

    Had the Govenor not shut us down we would be in week 9. We'd looking at all the possibiliies for next week from the Souc and looking forward to Saturday night pairings show. Instead JB has us locked out of HS sports. Instead of game planning Saturday mornings I've been coaching 6-8 year...
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    Go White Sox!!!

    Ricky better not be allowed back on that plane.
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    Go White Sox!!!

    2nd longest homer in MLB this year.
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    Go White Sox!!!

    I agree. but a healthy Eloy isn't good in left so don't need him hurt out there. DH him
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    Go White Sox!!!

    I need to make a call up to the northside and see how we get rid of this guy.
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    Possible extended Spring football season?

    Maybe at a big school. But the smaller private schools like JCA and Naz we need to share our athletes. There are plenty of baseball first guys that play football. Before JJ most of Naz QBs were baseball first pitchers and play baseball at the next level.
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    Go White Sox!!!

    And why the hell did he use Cease in a 5-0 game. Now we have absolutely nobody for today. Renteria needs to be fired before they waste all this talent. I'd even take Ozzie back.
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    Why are you surprised he stayed but not surprised any MtC seniors staying. No underclassmen left actually some have transferred in for the in person learning. That class is looking pretty good.
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    See you know more than me. I didn't even know he was gone.
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    Time for a Hail Mary...

    you think he needs us to make him sweat? I bet he does fine for himself.
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    Freshman numbers

    If they aren't in the building by February there won't be football