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  1. MS4EVER

    Eddie Van Halen dies

    RIP Eddie My favorite VH songs(In no particular order) Ain't talkin 'bout love Eruption Dreams When its love Summer nights Panama
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    Stadium Options for Championships

    Lol Back in 2007 we played at Gately and security was top notch. Security:Why do you have a screwdriver and pliers in your bag? Me:I’m the equipment manager Security:What do you use them for? Me:To fix things Security:Ok go ahead.
  3. MS4EVER

    Will IHSA stop double football seasons?

    If they are allowed a double season I know a great school just outside Chicago. It's a school that wears black and red. Has a flying mascot. South of six flags. Has won a handful of championships. Plays with swagger! Great education. LOL
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    Class 8A: Team Ranking Talk

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    If They Play, What Team Ranks #2 Behind ESL?

    I think MC with Lynch and Co. returning.
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    Kreutz to Illinois

    Happy for him.
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    Off Topic: Greatest American Band of All Time?

    Thank you for saying the Beastie Boys! My all time favorite! Also Metallica, Pearl Jam, any grunge for that matter, Jimi, VH with Sammy
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    2020 IHSA Football Player of the Year candidates?

    MS QB Luke Leongas ACL is fully healed and he is ready to go. He has the Ferrari warmed up and could bring Park Ridge back to the glory days!
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    Moving on Up!

    No thanks. For sure he will.
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    Best Unis in the State

    Love SR for sure! That Blue helmet with the red mustang=WOW!
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    Moving on Up!

    How many Super Bowls does he need to win for this deal to be considered worth it?
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    Luke Lenti RIP

    Visitation will be held Friday at Cooney Funeral Home located at 625 Busse Hwy. in Park Ridge where masks must be worn inside, and social distancing restrictions will take place. Visitation times are as follows: 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. is reserved for family and close friends. 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m...
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    Longest Winning Streaks in Illinois

    MS had 28 in a row from 2008-2009.
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    Luke Lenti RIP

    Just terrible! Prayers and love to the Lenti family. Luke was a stud from the minute he came to MS. Started at LB late in his sophomore year and won a State championship beating Uncle Frank in 2010. Tough, hard nosed player who loved to mix it up. I was really looking forward to seeing him at...
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    Or maybe they are not happy with how things are run. Just guessing.
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    No idea about this.
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    "The Last Dance" - What IL HS Football Documentary Would You Like To See?

    Sideline Pass:The story of the Maine South 3 peat
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    Rodewald AD?

    In the years when MS has played them they always seemed to have 3-5 really good football players. But as you know you need more than that to be successful. I would love to see them do well!
  19. MS4EVER

    Rodewald AD?

    Maine East just announced they are looking for AD.